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About our Employment Law Advice Services

There are some 2,000 pages of law that relates to employment in the UK that are currently applicable to every employer, even those who have just the one employee. Important as the written law is in setting the background for employment you have to take into account the unwritten laws that judges and tribunals use when making their decisions, and when deciding what the "reasonable" employer would do in the circumstances.

The importance of the written and unwritten law is still less than that of the employment contract. Getting it wrong at the outset, or not covering the important things in sufficient detail, can lead to difficulties in making the changes needed to respond to the way your organisation needs to develop.

In the same vein, moving beyond the letter of the law and working with its spirit and intention can provide important benefits for staff morale including those individuals moving on to other employment.

Support is important when undertaking projects such as redundancies, transfers, mergers and acquisitions, or when dealing with individual cases of misconduct or poor performance.

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