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Competencies Analysis

What are competencies?

Competencies are the key behaviours required for excellent performance in a particular role. They are the behaviours which consistently distinguish excellent performers from average or poor performers. They include the application of knowledge, skills and motivation that produce success.

How can competencies be identified?

Data is gathered in structured interviews, analysed and tested to see whether the competencies postulated are the factors that consistently make a difference in achieving excellent performance. Idiosyncratic behaviours that may contribute to a single person's success are eliminated. A set of competencies for a particular job role is known as a competency model.

What are the advantages of using a competency based approach to performance management, training and development and recruitment?

Competencies specify how the individual can align their day to day activities to the key strategies of the organisation and provide clear guidelines for achieving excellent performance. They provide objective criteria for the recruitment and promotion process. They make a much clearer link between spending time and money as an organisations on training and development and producing the behaviours that the organisation needs from its staff in order to thrive.