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How we charge

Together, you and The Personnel Consultancy decide on the level of assistance and services you require. We will provide you with a totally professional and flexible package based on an Annual Support Contract or Pay As You Go service, tailored to suit your requirements.

Annual support contract

The Annual Support Contract is aimed at businesses and organisations who want to outsource all or part of their HR function. We will calculate an annual fee based on the number of employees. In general small to medium sized organisations find this is the most effective way of acquiring our services.

The Annual Support Contract offers unlimited access to our Advisory Service by telephone and e-mail and the opportunity to purchase additional services at a discount. An advantage of this service is that our clients ring us at the earliest moment to check things out. This in itself often saves many future problems.

Pay as you go service

The Pay as You Go Service offers you the opportunity to discuss issues with The Personnel Consultancy and to agree a fee for a package of work to manage a specific problem. We base our fees on a competitive day rate. Larger organisations with fully staffed HR departments generally prefer to buy our services in this way. In addition organisations who just want to buy one type of service e.g. training, coaching or Tribunal representation may want to buy our services in this way.

Please contact us to discuss your HR needs with The Personnel Consultancy

How do I decide which level of service suits me best?

Would it be cost effective to outsource some or all of my personnel needs?
Ring us for a rough quote to find out. You are likely to be best suited by an annual support contract.

Do I need an independent specialist resource to tackle this issue?
If you are asking this question, the answer is almost certainly "yes". If you just have one issue, the pay as you go service may suit you best. However this may be a time to think about your strategic HR needs and consider taking out an annual contract to support you with all difficult HR issues in the future.

I already have a professional HR team, surely that means I should buy you via the pay as you go service?
Many of our clients that employ professional HR staff still buy us through an annual support contract. The annual support contract gives the organisation access to considerable additional technical HR knowledge and provides a significant discount for other services.

I am a large organisation with a fully staffed HR department. I want to outsource some difficult issues from time to time.
The pay as you go service will probably suit you best.