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The Personnel Consultancy has been in business for over ten years. We have clients in a broad range of professional, commercial and not for profit sectors. Within the last three years our clients have included:

In fact, any organisation which employs people!

Quotes from Our Clients

"There are many occasions when one needs to make choices in one's life. Whilst my employer provides excellent opportunities for developing managerial skills I felt something different and more personal was required to find my way through a particularly difficult period. Diana Fenton's particular expertise helped me to understand the internal and external forces acting upon me. Working with Diana, in a very close and personal relationship, enabled me to adjust my work-life balance and to look forward to the future in a positive and creative way."

Vanessa Marshall, Director, National Preservation Office, The British Library

"As an HR professional I have been dealing with John and Diana Fenton of the Personnel Consultancy since 2000; taking their expertise with me from one company to another when I moved. I have used John and Diana's expertise on a variety of issues including tribunal representation, employment law training, set up of a works forum, writing of employment contracts and handbooks amongst other things. I trust their judgement and professionalism implicitly and have often turned to them just to discuss, or get a second opinion about, a particular situation. Additionally, I have recommended John and Diana to a number of other businesses and they have been able to provide the appropriate support in each case."

Alison Benney, CFCIPD, Divisional HR Director, UNITE Group plc

"As a Director of a not for profit organisation, I have used The Personnel Consultancy for a number of years to draft a range of documents, recruit staff and advise on a number of employment issues. I have found John and Diana to be insightful about the culture and complexity of our organisation, wise about people and immensely knowledgeable about the law. I have no hesitation in recommending them to you."

Andrew Franklin, Director of Finance and Administration, Anglican Communion Council

"Ceres Power was founded to commercialise a revolutionary fuel cell technology and has recently floated on the AIM market. We have relied upon The Personnel Consultancy to provide us with advice and guidance on the best practices to use with our highly talented technical and commercial teams which include people from top class universities around the world and successful careers in industry. Their professional HR service is a vital part of our growth strategy."

Peter Bance, CEO, Ceres Power Limited

"As a privately owned company that has doubled in size in the last 3 years, we appreciate the increasing importance of keeping up to date on all employment matters and ever changing legislation.

"Drift Bridge Group has and continues to use The Personnel Consultancy Limited on an annual contract basis to discuss issues and ideas, assisting in drafting employment letters, policies and documentation. They act for us as a centre of advice on everything to do with employing people."

Philip Cue, Group General Manager, Drift Bridge Garages Ltd