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Recruitment processes and advice

In everything that we do we charge for the time taken. We do not calculate a fee based upon the salary of the person employed and this approach in general works out much more cheaply for our clients than using a conventional recruitment or headhunting agency.

We are able to undertake as much or as little of this assignment as you wish, from designing and running complete assessment centres, through writing and placing adverts, down to making the first approach to a known "target" without breaching your confidentiality. Our approach at all times is qualitative and we will plan with you how to attract the right people to apply and how their suitability will be assessed. An excellent recruitment process should focus the skills that are critical for top performance in a role and the key personality traits and management skills that are most difficult to develop on the job through training and development.

We are very experienced in assessing people through a competency based interview and are qualified users of psychometric measures of ability and personality for recruitment and promotion.

You can find further information on competencies in our Training & Development section.


Psychometric Measures

Psychometric measures are multiple choice questionnaires that give insight into personality and aptitudes. They can show how people are likely to perform or behave and they help people make sense of their personal history. Consequently psychometric measures can provide insight to help people make better recruitment and promotion decisions as well as pointing to development needs. However, finding the right psychometric measure for the aspects of personality or aptitudes for the proposed job role you want to assess and interpreting the results correctly is critical to this process.

Some Test Publishers: