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Teamworking and Team away days


To get high performance out of staff an employer must not only recruit and retain the right people with their mix of skills and experience, but equally importantly find a way to ensure that those skills and experience are meshed together in a way that provides for optimum productivity. If an organisation does not pay attention to the importance of teamwork they are likely to find a lot of the energy of the organisation is dissipated by staff pulling in opposite directions

We recommend you undertake an audit of the quality of team work in different sections of your business. We can provide you with advice on how to do this. Depending on the results from this audit you may find it very cost effective to invest some resource in developing teamwork basics.

There are various things you can do to help develop teamwork. These may involve restructuring some roles, instituting regular team meetings including away days, redesigning the appraisal process and training people in teamworking skills through a series of workshops. We have considerable experience in all these areas including designing and running teamworking programmes.


Team Away Days

All teams can benefit from taking time out together from the job to review their effectiveness and identify difficulties in achieving peak performance. Such a review meeting is also a perfect opportunity to share aims and information about your business and plan how your team will meet forthcoming challenges. We have facilitated a great many of such meetings. An advantage to the manager of having such a meeting independently facilitated is that they can tackle difficult subjects in a more secure way and have concrete plans that the team are signed up to delivering.